Every business is unique. As such, every business has a set of unique goals specific to their wants and needs. I am here to help you navigate the digital landscape through discovery and collaboration. Whether you’re after a basic logo and website, or a full on company re-brand and extensive marketing campaign, I pride myself in versatility and delivering exactly what my clients need.

Stage 1: The Plan

From the simplest graphic/visual solutions to complicated web design and marketing campaigns, a well thought out game plan is necessary and aids in the creative process.

Within this stage, I am here to learn about your business and hear your story.  I believe wholeheartedly that collaboration between my clients and I leads to better outcome.  Through discussion and initial planning I make it a priority to understand your specific marketing objectives, allowing me to craft solutions that are not only pleasing to the eye but to also both generate leads and connect with your customers.

Stage 2: The Design

Once we agree on the proper game plan I open my open my creative toolkit, roll up my sleeves, and begin the design phase of the project.

More goes into an effective design for any given project.  It’s not always about how visually stunning each project is, but how well it effectively communicates what you want to say about your business.  I am passionate about providing great design to my clients by taking into account their communication needs, and effectively crafting together a project that fits within their message.

My creative toolkit includes:

Graphic design projects involving, but not limited to: Brochures, business cards, annual reports, product/packaging, event posters, letterhead/stationary, trade show displays and display artwork.

Web design projects involving, but not limited to: Website design via WordPress, Website re-design, SEO, Landing Pages, Google Analytics and website marketing.

Online marketing projects involving, but not limited to: Google AdWords, Email Marketing/Email Blasts, E-Newsletters, List Building and Blogging.

Branding projects involving, but not limited to: Logo Design, style-guide development, social media branding & set up, and marketing.

Motion Graphic projects involving, but not limited to: Product presentations, corporate overviews, product/service commercials, video editing, online advertisements and custom animations.

Stage 3: The Analysis

Once the project has been crafted, my clients and I fully review the deliverables to ensure that the design properly reflects their business and has impact.

During this stage my clients and I review each part of the design project before deployment, from simple business card designs to detailed marketing campaigns, and everything in-between.  Does the design fully represent your brand?  Is the user experience impactful?  No piece should be overlooked.

Stage 4: The Deployment

After reviewing any areas of concern from the Analysis stage, I make any required changes/revisions.  From then, we commence with the fourth and final step, we deploy.

Once my clients and I are happy with the outcome of the design and analysis, the project is deployed.  Should any areas of concern arise even after a project is finalized however, I am here to fully meet my client’s needs and expectations.  Your success is my success.  My clients are assured that if any changes or tweaks are needed after a project is deployed, that I will stop at nothing to ensure that those areas are addressed.

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